It’s time to turn this
vicious cycle
into a virtuous one.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, the creative marketing industry has been stuck in a vicious cycle.

Our industry is nothing like the people we communicate to and we haven’t historically done the hard work to open the doors and enable diverse cultures. As a result, we constantly find ourselves lacking diverse talent.

In many ways, more inclusive thinking is key to the future existence of our industry. The need for our industry to remain competitive demands that we look outside of our ‘circle’.

PlusPlusOne is founded by diverse industry leaders who have lived through this cycle. Having learned how not to do it, we are now on a mission to create new industry best practices for recruiting, training and developing a more diverse workforce for the next generation.

We welcome all kinds of talent and companies to join us in this mission.

Our values


We are allies to under-represented candidates. Building trust, we want to create a strong community where everyone can feel safe to learn and explore their creative career path.


There is power in numbers. Inclusive cultures can not be built in isolation. We welcome industry-wide collaboration and sharing of knowledge.


We want to build and nurture an inclusive culture where under represented candidates feel welcome and are able to thrive.


We believe we can change the future of our industry for the better by developing a new value exchange between the industry and under-represented communities.

With thanks to Nusara Chinnaphasaen for developing our Brand Fundamentals

Meet the team  

Alvaro Sotomayor
Creative Director
Angelo Bromet
Prospect Eleven
Paris Bethel
Senior Strategist
We Are Pi
Dinesh Sonak
Managing Director
Emilio de Haan
Creative Director
HERC the Agency
Charity Reingoud
Prospect Eleven
Eva Rillen
Youth Coach
Prospect Eleven
I'm inspired by humanity. Specifically the opportunity to reflect our eccentricities back to us, as a reminder that whatever our experience, we are not alone.
Kervins Chauvet
Senior Creative
Wieden + Kennedy
Besma Ayari
Head of Production
Alex Bennett-Grant
Founder / CEO
We Are Pi
Joelle Strijk
Baba Touré
Managing Director
Jelani Isaacs
Chief Executive Producer
New Amsterdam