Need more diversity?

…but having problems recruiting?

We help broaden the spectrum of the talent pool for your organisation from new communities.

Change will take time, collaboration and commitment. The first step is opening your mind to think about diversity and inclusion as an active part of building a thriving company, not just a last-minute, box-ticking exercise. 

Get involved today, together we can make real positive change happen.

How to get involved?

Become a sponsor

As a Sponsor you will be connected with and help support motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds whose fresh perspectives bring much needed innovation to briefs, companies and the industry at large.

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Offer a paid traineeship

We’re looking for agencies, brands and organisations who would like to support junior diverse talent by offering a paid 6- to 12- month traineeship.

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Our partners and sponsors

We’d like to thank all the agencies, organisations and brands who have enabled us to offer our first free pilot programmes to under-represented talent in 2021.

We are actively looking for Sponsors:

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Prepare for a more inclusive workforce

Companies who hire and successfully integrate diverse talent into their workforce reap the benefits of high retention rates, better management skills and a wider potential labour pool.

It makes business sense

Hiring diverse talent is important, but we won’t see the benefit of having a diverse team until we build an inclusive environment to make everyone have that important feeling of belonging.

We can help increase your knowledge on how to build an inclusive culture where everyone feels welcomed.

Our approach is anchored in building empathy and the importance of creating a healthy emotional culture driven by the principles of behavioural change.

If your organisation would like guidance on building an inclusive culture then let’s talk!

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Find your path in the creative marketing industry


We believe we can change the future of our industry for the better by developing a new value exchange between the industry and under-represented communities.

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How to get involved

If you have industry experience and would like to join our team as a Tutor, Advisor or Sponsor of the program please contact us.