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Increasing the diversity of talent for
the creative marketing community
by providing inspiration, knowledge and access

What is PlusPlusOne?

We are the Netherland’s first free industry-wide program that aims to create a Diversity & Inclusion critical mass by increasing the pool of under-represented talent.

Currently in our second year, our vision is to build a creative marketing community that is as representative as the people who shape all of our cultures.

Together with our partner Prospect Eleven, we provide inspiration, education and career access to passionate 16-28 year olds so they can be part of the next generation of leaders in the world of marketing and communications.

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On the 26th of June 2021 our first class graduated, please find their story and reactions here. Change is not self-evident, dedicating 5 months, over 50 sessions and many more hours of understanding to get inspired to take a jump.

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Introduction to
Creative Marketing Programme

How can you be excited by an industry you don’t know anything about?

The free programme introduces candidates to career opportunities within the creative marketing industry by providing knowledge and hands-on learning experiences.

Through weekly workshops, briefs and strategic insights are generated before creative ideas are developed and executed.

Candidates are taught and guided by mentors and award-winning creative marketing professionals.

The evening program is spread across 20 weeks and built up around three modules.

Who is it for?
For anyone interested in learning more about a job in creative marketing.


Our Masterclasses are hosted by industry experts ranging from strategists to brand marketeers. They provide valuable insights for anyone wishing to further their industry knowledge and build their network.

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Access program

The goal of our access programme is to enable candidates to enter the creative marketing industry through a 4- to 7- month minimum wage paid traineeship.

Building on the knowledge from our Introduction programme, we help candidates further understand their skills and the roles they are most suited to. They are also given guidance on the application process and ‘How to thrive in the industry’.

Once they have successfully applied for a traineeship, we continue to support them in their personal and professional development with regular check-in sessions.

We’re actively looking for companies to offer traineeship opportunities to our candidates, starting Sept 2022 onwards.

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Company onboarding programmes

Our diversity and culture change programmes are designed to help organisations prepare and succeed in supporting Black and underrepresented candidates as they enter the industry workforce.

To find out more, contact us.

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Meet the candidates of our 2021 alumni

Ramfis Thomas
Graphic Design
Carina Fernandes
Songwriter / Musician
Ilja van de Mortel
Lovia Opoku
Revenna Belfor
Cultural sector
Louanne Daniel
Louise van Britsom
Thuy Pham
Creative Research
Nghi Nguyen
Astrando Cairo
Hip Hop Industry / culture
Lee-Ann Johanna
Vesla Braafheid
Cultural projects
Germain Galal
Ruminaily Alberto
Sophia Daoud
Cuba Rebelde
Francis Yiadom
Graphic Design
Ian Alkan
Music Producer
Jhelisa Panfred
Shafiq Nuijts
Find your path in the creative marketing industry

Tutors, Partners
and Sponsors

Thank you to all the PlusPlusOne Tutors, Founding Partners,  and Sponsors who helped launch the programme and build a community that is already making such a huge difference to the Dutch Creative Marketing industry.

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We believe we can change the future of our industry for the better by developing a new value exchange between the industry and under-represented communities.

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How to get involved

If you have industry experience and would like to join our team as a Tutor, Advisor or Sponsor of the program please contact us.