Turning the negative into positive

We believe that increased creativity and innovation will come from the difference and diversity of its makers. In the wake of BLM, a diverse group of creative industry leaders came together to take action, with a mission to make the Dutch creative marketing industry more inclusive.

Until now opportunities for Black, Asian and other underrepresented ethnic groups have been limited in creative schools and creative industry at large. With the right support, leadership and attitude, we aim to make our industry a more inclusive playground for everyone to thrive.

What is +PlusOne?

A creative industry program that is designed by diverse industry leaders to introduce, accelerate and provide career access to passionate 16-28 yr old Black, Asian and underrepresented creative people.

Plus Plus One was created to make a difference in the participants’ outlook at a professional career in the media industry.

A big big thank you to our partner Prospect 11, with years of experience in mentoring young professionals and their life navigational skills in a safe and invigorating environment is of the utmost importance for the success of this program.

Currently Plus Plus One offers two programs and one access platform to ensure change within our industry.




A hackathon-style starter program


An online portfolio program


An internship and job network

Introduction program

The Plus Plus One introduction program is a hackathon style program with the philosophy of ‘lead with action’ at its core. Candidates will be working on an actual campaign for a real client. Through weekly workshops, ideas will be generated, picked and co-produced like a real work environment.

Candidates will be taught and guided by award winning creative professionals. Together they will get you familiar with the tasks, roles and the processes of a real-life commercial, from Brief to Campaign. Alongside the practical skills you will learn about the attitude, soft skills and the network that is required to succeed.

The program is spread across 12 weeks and built up around two modules.

Who is it for? This program is suitable for people who are interested in learning more about a job in creative marketing.

Acceleration program

Our accelerator program is an intensive creative portfolio school designed to teach you the skills and rigour required to work at the world’s top agencies and brands. You will be taught and guided by award-winning creatives across conceptual ideas and execution. During the program you will work on actual briefs from real clients that will challenge your abilities and help you create a world class portfolio.

Who is it for? This program is suitable for people who are interested in improving their existing advertising creative portfolio to secure a job.

Access program

Access to the industry front runners and growing your personal network might be the most important pillar of Plus Plus One. As an Alumni (graduated candidate) we guarantee you valuable connections with recruiters and agency owners, access to industry exclusive events, portfolio evenings and first picks at paid internship and job opportunities. Who is it for? This platform is for Plus Plus One program alumni who are looking for a job, mentorship or networking opportunities within creative marketing.

We have a mission

The Dutch creative marketing industry has a diversity and inclusion problem, we are on a mission to make a change. Plus Plus One is the Netherland’s first industry-wide creative talent development program. It is designed to introduce, accelerate and provide access to passionate 16-28 yr Black, Asia and underrepresented ethnic creatives.

Meet the team  

Alvaro Sotomayor
Creative Director
Angelo Bromet
Prospect Eleven
Paris Bethel
Senior Strategist
We Are Pi
Dinesh Sonak
Managing Director
Emilio de Haan
Creative Director
HERC the Agency
Charity Reingoud
Prospect Eleven
Eva Rillen
Youth Coach
Prospect Eleven
I'm inspired by humanity. Specifically the opportunity to reflect our eccentricities back to us, as a reminder that whatever our experience, we are not alone.
Kervins Chauvet
Senior Creative
Wieden + Kennedy
Besma Ayari
Head of Production
Alex Bennett-Grant
Founder / CEO
We Are Pi
Joelle Strijk
Baba Touré
Managing Director
Jelani Isaacs
Chief Executive Producer
New Amsterdam

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